White Rose Fine Art is specialised in high quality Dutch Old Master paintings, mostly from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with occasional excursions into the early nineteenth century. It is the result of a lifetime shared passion for art by Mark Broch and Geert Post.

Mark is an art historian with twenty-five years’ experience in the field of Old Master paintings and drawings and has authored scholarly articles in art-historical journals, exhibition catalogues and other publications, while Geert studied Dutch Golden Age history and has a particular fondness and knowledge of Dutch eighteenth-century architecture and the decorative arts, on which subjects he also publishes regularly.

Over the  years we have built up cherished relationships with private collectors and museum curators from all over the world. We have sold paintings, drawings and other works of art to the following institutions:

We are passionate collectors ourselves, not only of paintings, but also furniture, porcelain, silver, books and prints from the same period – these different areas all share an incredible and never surpassed level of craftsmanship and originality, and greatly enhance one another. Because of this relentless collecting, we now find ourself living in a house brimming with art, and increasingly needing to look for wall space for new acquisitions: however, because we still cannot resist a good painting, White Rose Fine Art was born. We very much believe in a statement by the celebrated French diarists, the Frères Goncourt:

‘Do not believe those who say they love art, but who have never spent ten francs on a sketch or drawing. For those who really love art, seeing it is not enough; one has to own a small piece of that art, whether one be rich or poor.’

        (From the diary of Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, French writers and collectors, 11 May 1876)

Both Mark and Geert started collecting as teenagers, buying old prints and cracked porcelain plates just for the sensation of owning a piece of history. This philosophy also means that the inventory consists of an interesting mix of paintings, in varying price categories, and ranging from true museum quality masterpieces to more decorative works.

The paintings presented were originally intended to hang in lived-in interiors rather than in museum environments, and even after three hundred years they add instant charm and warmth to any surrounding – and vice versa.

An academic background, combined with the practical and very active experience of being offered by collector-dealers, ensures that the paintings offered are outstanding works of guaranteed authenticity, but also attractive objects which will work well in interior schemes.

All works of art  offered however are guaranteed to be special for their beauty, rarity, weirdness, exceptional state of preservation or excellent price-quality ratio and are guaranteed not to be boring under any circumstances.

Living with art from the celebrated Dutch Golden and Silver Ages is a great privilege which we would like to share which as many people as possible. A final word of warning however - once you start collecting, there is no way back...

Mark Broch